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The specific details of the Letter will constitute the terms of a legal contract between the user of the site www.synonymy.com published by the company Blue Painter. If you decide to visit www.synonymy.com, you accept that he will remain linked by the terms of this contract. If you do not want to be forced by this agreement, it must not visit www.synonymy.com. Have in it(he,she) tells also that the details of this contract it will be effective so promptly as the user sails along the site www.synonymy.com.

The use of this site www.synonymy.com does not award any right of intellectual property for the user on the content of this site(place), which continues being the exclusive property of Blue Painter.

Therefore, all the texts, photos, information, cartels, logos, brands and other elements that appear in the site www.synonymy.com is reserved and protected by the legislation of brands and / or copyright and / or any other disposition in effect, that would be of intellectual property applicable.

As such, only to use for your private use is allowed. Any other use constitutes a violation and / or violation of the trademark law and / or copyright and / or any other disposition that would be applied to the intellectual property.

It can only prohibited to reproduce, to show, to distribute, to sell, to modify, transmission, license or to create works derived from the totality or part from anyone of the elements that appear in the site(place) www.synonymy.com, and any or part of the site in general


The company neither Blue Painter, nor none of his administrative organs, in any case he will be able to be considered to be responsible for the acts of piracy, not even to be does not even blame by any hurt or loss suffered in the location of a user or the users of the site www.synonymy.com. The site concerning time in when it can fail. Problems of programming also functioning can happen as result of the changes, updates or evil, beyond the control of the administrative team. In general, Blue painter is not played the role responsible for any technical problem of any nature that they concern the diffusion of www.synonymy.com.

Blue Painter saves himself the right to modify, to suspend, temporarily or permanently, the totality or part of the mentioned site, without previous notice or indemnification.

I hold to the laws and applicable regulations, blue painter is not played the role responsible for any direct or indirect loss, including but not limited to, loss

Links and hyperlinks

The company Blue Painter authorizes the establishment of a hyperlink that points at your content, providing that:

- There does not use the technology of deep link (deep linking), that is to say, that the pages of the site www.synonymy.com must not be sheltered inside another web page but accessibly by means of the opening of a window.

- Mention of the source across a hyperlink that points directly at the content.

The information must be used only for personal, associative or professional use in any commercial or advertising purposes.

Attention! This permission is not applied to web pages that provide information that is object of controversy, pornographic, racists, segregationists, or capablly, in major measure, they affect the sensibility of many people. On the other hand, any other use of the mentioned ones previously Blue Painter will be subject to the legal approval of the company.

Blue Painter saves himself the right to establish links with others

Content of Site

In spite of the great one taken care in the creation and update of this site, Blue Painter cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information contained in it and does not accept any responsibility derived from the use of the information. The information and the information contained in this site(place) are www.synonymy.com developed across a base of before published information. They come from dictionaries or books on the French language and to illustrate the possibilities of the language in terms(ends) of synonymous or antonyms across these approved references. Therefore, Blue Painter excuses itself of any responsibility for the individual interpretations that the user could conceive. Interpretation of the link of a user saying comments segregationists, improper or of any other form of implicit denigration, it will be void and without effect.

Blue Painter does not become a person in charge by mistakes, inaccuracies or omissions that concern the information. In any case, the user of


The company Blue Painter can compile certain information brings over of you. This information will be treated as a conformity by the in force legislation.

The information compiled by the regulator, including names, addresses and telephone numbers that you provide it can be codified in Blue Painter's automated files. This information can be used and transformed by the company Blue Painter for the management of your relations by your users and for the control of the regularity of the participation in the games or contests and the fight against the abuses and irregularities. This information also Blue Painter and his(her,your) partners can be used for the commercialization, public relations and marketing of the company, until you are opposed.

The individuals have the right to consult gratis the personal information and correct them of free form if they demonstrate to be incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant. The persons who want to practise